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Campanet is a small town nestling in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountain range, with roughly 2,500 residents. It is relatively unknown by the tourist industry, which means that it does not get particularly full of tourists, even in the height of summer, and it is one of the few untouched Majorcan towns, maintaining its original charm.

Campanet has narrow streets, a main square and a large church.

One of the attractions of the area, a short distance from the town is the Caves of Campanet (Coves de Campanet). The caves were found in 1945 and are open to the public via a guided tour. The caves cover 3,200 square metres, descend to a depth of 50 metres, and are famous for the stalactites and stalagmites found in several large chambers. One special feature of these caves is that they are not lit by coloured lighting as are many of the other Majorcan caves, and so the colour produced by the minerals in the rock can be truly appreciated.

Annual festivals are held in May, July and September, the July event being the fiesta of Sant Victorià which lasts for 8 days, with a colourful parade through the town, music concerts and sporting events, and craft stalls selling local items. There is also a weekly fruit and produce market every Tuesday morning.

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